This is a donation space toward my VanLife home! If you donate toward my mobile house, I will put your name on a plaque in my van (first name, last initial) so when I am alone out on the road, I can look at it and think fondly of all those who helped support me in building out my van!
If you prefer to donate through Venmo, use @Allison-Gee-11. Put VanLife Donation in the Notes.
If you’d like to donate through PayPal, please go to my PayPal Donate Link
As of August 1, 2021 $150, some labor, some wallpaper, and some insulation has been donated.
The build out of my Wonderland van was mostly completed in August of 2021, but you can still donate on this page toward putting your name in my van.
Thank you for supporting my VanLife!

See my list of purchases for the Build Out below. (*means still on the wish list)

Here are some items I am raising money for in my van home:
$1000- Bluetti EB70 Portable Power Station,
$600- Insulated Floor Material, Siding Materials, and Furniture Facing,
$500- Natural Wool Insulation,
$250-$500 WeBoost or Fusion2Go Cell Signal Booster*
$250- Marinco Solar Day/Night Vent Fan,
$280- Geyser Systems Shower*
$200- Water System: Tanks, Tubs, Hose, Nozzles, Pump,
$250- Mattress,
$150- Clotheslines, Fasteners, Hooks, Paint, Windshield Repair Kit, Panel Fasteners, and Car Parts,
$150- Collapsible Kitchen Dishes, Magnetic Spice Jars, Reusable Food Wraps, and Collapsible Food Containers,
$90- Composting Camp Toilet (The best one is $900, but too big to fit in my tiny van),
$100- Shelves,
$100- Chest Cooler,
$100- Camp Stove and Portable Oven,
$100- Portable Mini Washing Machine and Dryer,
$100- Heater,
$50-$150- Fabric for Curtains, Window Covers, and Wheel Wells,
$20,000- Pay back my loan for The Van!