Allison’s Life August 2023: Documentary of a Seattlite Hippie

I made a video of my life in August 2023 for beloveds living in a midwest ecovillage, called Dancing Rabbit. I wanted to share my Seattle culture with them since they have never been able to visit me but may come someday. My original plan was to make it about 30 min, but it turned into a full 2.5 hour self made documentary. Yes, I made this film all by myself just using my iPhone. When my friends heard I was making a video of my life for August they said they wanted to see it too. I did my best to attain consent for videoing from most of the humans that appear in this video. You may be receiving this link because you are in the video, but please be discreet about your sharing, since there is a lot of personal stuff in here. Thanks! Click on the Pop Out, square box with an arrow, to view if it is not loading.
{Watch to the end for my parody of Ke$ha’s TiK ToK for Seattlite Hippie culture. I am trying to apply to Sony Music for the permission to parody this song. It’s not on YouTube because I know they would scold me.}