$4K VanLife Build Out

In this video I go over how much I spent to build out my VanLife van! I have a small Nissan NV 200, and I really recommend tiny van minimalist build outs. Everything is portable and removable, even the floor!

Here’s what I spent:
$1846.92 for the Build Out like the floor, insulation, etc.
$2174.32 for all the VanLife stuff to go inside like portable shower, toilet, kitchen, etc. (also includes a $1K Bluetti Portable Power Station).
= Total Build Out Cost $4,021.24!

Extras Car Stuff like insurance, maintenance, paint, battery replacement, etc.

Investment in starting my VanLife Careers:
About $500 for my Master TEFL certificate, a coach to teach me how to get into the online teaching industry, and online classroom setup.

The Van:
$24,555.56 and I owe $20K on my interest free, pay back at my leisure, loan from a family member.

Here is a list of some of the products that went inside:
$1024.23 Bluetti EB 70
$463 Wool Insulation from Havelock
$250 Large Pet Bed from the Purple Mattress Company
$237 Marinco Day Night 4″Solar Vent White
$302.49 Skylight
$75.30 Camp Stove and Mess Kit from REI
$80 Igloo 25qt Cooler
$33.02 Personal Oven, Skywin brand
$25 Collapsible Water Jugs from REI
$10 Faucet Key
$56 Rain Guards for Windows
$40 Portable Shower
$53 Travel Mini Portable Dryer
$48 Breathing Mobile Washer
$45 Portable Toilet Stool
$50 Portable Bathtub
$38 Chicken Coop Heater
$14 Immersion Water Heater