#VanLife Build Out Day 15: Bed Platform

July 24, 2021 9am-9pm with a few hours break from 11am-2pm for lunch and a visit to an estate sale.

Bed platform installed on August 3, 2021.

I wanted to build a bed platform, but it turns out this took longer than one day. My dear mom went off and built it for me. She is retired and can spend the day building and designing this platform. Then I took a trip in the van to Centralia Washington on Aug 7 where Earth Homes is building a homestead. While packing for my trip I had the van doors open. My neighbors came over to meet me and inquired if I lived in the neighborhood. They must have been wondering why a strange white van has suddenly shown up in their neighborhood. At least it was my real neighbors this time. Lesson learned: Don’t have your van doors open in a strange neighborhood while you do the VanLife shuffle.