#VanLife Wonderland Adventure 1: First Festival

July 16, 10:30pm – July 18, 10:30pm 2021

Wonderland went on its first adventure ever, to a festival! This is my first festival after Covid, my first festival in 2 years! It was so wonderfully amazing to see old friends and meet new friends. Thank You to all the beautiful souls who graced the land with their fun and joyful presence. It was so awesome to see everyone being their free and flowing selves gathering out in nature. It was soul nourishing to be around such awesome vibes again. My favorite times in my life are from festivals in the forest. This was definitely a festival to remember!

Thank You Aliko for being born and having a birthday festival to give back to others and bring us Back To The Sun!
U Productions: https://www.weareuproductions.com/

Thank You to all the performers, dancers, movers, shakers, organizers, and DJs- Lunesence, DMT Tree, and Ruely.
Video Music: Stay With Me used with permission from DJ Ruely- SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ruelytunes

Marissa Lada with Honey Lune Hivery: https://www.honeylunehivery.com