#VanLife Build Out Day 7: Vent & Skylight

June 13, 2021

I installed the vent fan and the skylight! It was a very productive day!
I bought my vent and skylight at a marine supply store. For the vent, my van is too small for a Maxxair, so I used a Marinco Day/Night Solar Vent 4″ White, and for the skylight I used a Lewmar Low Profile Hatch 10. These are both made to go onto boats but it’s great for vans too! My mother had installed a vent twice before in her Transit Connect vans, so she helped.
Tools you need: Drill and Sabre Saw (with metal cutting blade)
Other materials: Butyl Sealing Tape and Self Leveling Lap Sealant
Step 1: Make Cardboard Cutouts of the correct openings and trace on the inside. Drill holes at the corners.
Step 2: Trace cutout onto the roof of vehicle based on holes. Measure twice, cut once!!! Cut out shapes with a Sabre Saw. File off all the metal shavings and rough edges of the holes.
Step 3: Mark where the screw holes should go. Tap a dent on the marks with a hammer and nail, put a board under the roof for support if needed. Drill holes the appropriate size for screws and bolts.
Step 4: Line the edge of the hole with Butyl Tape to where the edge of your vent/skylight will touch. punch the screw/bolt holes with a nail.
Step 5: Screw down the vent/skylight and calk with Self Leveling Lap Sealant around the Butyl Tape.