#VanLife Build Out Day 2: KilMat

May 2, 2021, 9am-5pm

We (my mom and I) started with a trip to the Home Depot for some materials. I bought floor insulation, birch plywood sub floor, and vinyl coated plywood for the flooring and siding. The flooring layer I wanted was luxury vinyl at $3.69/sqft for the Driftwood Beach color by LifeProof, which would make the top layer of the floor about $140, but the vinyl coated plywood was only $30, so I decided to go with that instead for now. If I still want luxury vinyl for my floor, I can install it later.

I installed the KilMat on the floor which is a sound deadening material. It’s a good idea to wear gloves like the instructions say because you might slice your fingers full of paper cuts like I did, and make sure to have a trash bag handy. Watch my Day 2 Build Out video below the photos.