I’m A Roam Owner!

I became a first time Roam Owner! At 37 years young I bought my first car and my first house at the same time! (Mom helped so I didn’t need an auto loan). Gonna build it out for long term travel or full time living. I’m trying out the 1bdr apartment and retirement saving thing but I ain’t gonna struggle for 33 more years. Millennial’s got to save money for retirement so expensive rent’s got to go.

She’s a 2018 Nissan NV200 SV with only 23K miles and some scratches on the inside. 2021 is the last year they’re making these things but the dealer guy at Emerald City Auto said they took a Nissan car chassis and put a van body on it so getting it serviced will be fine for many years to come. The Free Bird outfitter at the Nissan dealer where we got the inspection is super sad they’re going away.

Gonna name mine Wonderland and be “Allison & Wonderland.” Watch my build out! Future #VanLife loading… please wait. Do not turn off your computer. Pass GO and collect that payday so you can pay mom back for the money you owe her for your van house. (Maybe I will start a fundraiser, for now send $ for van and build out through PayPal with Wonderland in the notes, and I’ll put your name inside my van.)