The VanLife Virus

Have you caught the VanLife and RoamLife Virus? VanLife and RoamLife might be going viral! Symptoms Include:

1. Something clicks and you think, I want to do that too. I could do that right? Sure I could!

2. You don’t want to have to wake up to an alarm every weekday. You want to “be retired” already. You want to do what you want when you want to.

3. You come home from work and watch YouTube videos on roam life, VanLife, living in an RV, building out a van, and being a nomad.

4. You check Craig’s List for RoamLife vehicles, and read about the best vans and vehicles to live in. You might decide which type of “rig” is most appealing. You might even attend RV shows or go visit a dealer just to take a tour of some. You make Amazon lists and YouTube playlists for RoamLife.

5. You may feel a bit hopeless about retirement. You may feel a bit hopeless about affording and buying a house and paying a mortgage.

6. You may figure out the fastest way to pay off all your debt. You might start coming up with jobs and careers you could do with a mobile lifestyle. You may want to live in a vehicle to reduce your monthly expenses.

7. You may think about what you have to sell or get rid of to live in a vehicle. You may think about the furniture and appliances you want to have in your vehicle home. You may even come up with a design and floor plan for your future house, and you may start thinking about vehicle brands and names.

8. You may have dreams about roam life, not just aspirations but dreams at night about what vehicle you want, how you want to build out your new van house, or what you’re doing in your mobile lifestyle.

9. You may not want to keep going to a day job that may be 40 hrs per week but you actually spend over 50 hrs per week getting up for it, getting ready, going to work, being on your lunch break, being at work, and going home.

10. And you do all this for the rent and utilities you don’t want to pay for anyway!